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Animal lovers is what we are :)

Call us at (612) 868-6002 or email us at dailydogwalking2010@gmail.com

Daily Dog Walking and Kitty Cat Care has been providing professional care for your pets since 2005.

We have a small, responsible staff who have been walking with us for over eight years. We are experienced and trusted dog lovers that will treat your loved ones and home with care.

When you use our service, you will feel at peace knowing your best friend will be in good hands. We are so fortunate to have a job where behind every door there is a wagging tail and usually tons of kisses. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones.

- Nicole Gawlik (owner)

About Nicole Gawlik

Animals have always had a special space in my heart. As a child I don’t remember a day without having pet hair all over my clothes. All of my favorite memories of childhood revolve around animals. Horse camp, playing with farm kittens at my Grandpas farm, choosing the babysitting gigs that had a dog over the petless homes. I volunteered at the Humane Society in highschool, I groomed the animals and got them all ready to go up to the adoption floor. I seriously picked my friends on if they had a dog or not.

Its no wonder that I am in the pet business. I can’t tell you how fulfilling and fortunate I am to be able to brighten your pets day when you are away. Loving your pets is my business and business is GOOD.

Our Services

Call us at (612) 868-6002 or email us at dailydogwalking2010@gmail.com

We believe in nurturing your pets in their own enviroment and using exercise to lower your pets stress, promote a healthy social temperament and encourage good behavior. We tailor the time spent with your pet to your pets needs. We always leave a note with the exact time of the visit, details of what we did and who we walked or played with.. You will also love to get a glimpse of the fun we are having in the photographs I take throughout the year.

Dog Walking

Your dog requires daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy in body and mind. Our walkers can provide 15 minute, half hour and 45 minute walks for your pal to keep them happy and healthy, while you are at work, away, injured or just plain busy!

  • 15 minute potty break - $14.00
  • 30 minute walk- $20.00
  • 45 minute walk- $25.00
  • each additional dog add on $3.00
  • Private walk add on $5.00

Kitty Cat Care

As a cat owner you already know that most cats would prefer to stay at home. We can give them the love and care that they need in their own home. We can brighten their day while you are away. We will make sure they have fresh food and water, play, brush and clean up the litter box.

Kitty Cat visits are 20-30 minutes and designed to fit your cats needs.

  • $20.00


Your dog comes to stay with us! We offer boarding for regular walking clients only.

  • 1 Dog $50.00
  • 2 Dogs $55.00
  • Puppies $65.00


We take care of your pets in the comfort of their own homes. $65/night (6pm-8am) $15 extra for mid-day walk.

Our Furry Friends

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Call us at (612) 868-6002 or email us at dailydogwalking2010@gmail.com

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